Friday, March 17, 2017

Damage an EMT can do if a splint is applied wrong

What damage can an EMT doe if she/he splints an injury wrong

As an EMT it is important to know how to splint an injury correctly and quickly. Not doing it correctly can waste time and injury the patient more. In truth mistakes are costly for all persons involved. When I first started out as a first responder, I always wondered why emergency dispatch would always say to not splint an injury. I would have crowd around me that demanded that I did splint the injury. I actually was injured myself because I protected a patient from another client. 

Now I can tell me clients exactly why I'm not going to do something and why I'm not going to allow them to splint an injury.

Splinting an injury wrongly can:

  • Compress the nerves, tissues and blood vessels under the splint causing a new injury
  • Delay the transport of the patient
  • Reduces distal circulation to an extremity
  • Aggravate the bone and joint injury by allowing movement of the injury
  • Cause damage to the tissue, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles due to movement of the injury
  • Damage to skin due to improper padding

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