Thursday, May 5, 2016

EMT Training: Geriatrics, Pediatrics, and Respitory Emergencies

Once you have been on a few scenes, you will find that there is always special consideration to Geriatric patients and Pediatric patients. One generation is still growing while the other generation is getting weaker. So there are a few things that Emergency Medical Technicians need to remember when assessing and managing these types of patients.

Pediatric Patients
Respitory failure is usually caused by both respitory arrest and cardiac arrest. The root cause is either upper airway blockage or a lower airway disease.

It's important to recognize early signs of respitory distress.

Because respitory distress can rapidly deteriorate into respitory failure, prompt intervention and transport is critical.

Geriatric Patients
Dyspnea is a common complaint.
Elderly already have a diminished respitory function so respitory distress will happen often.
Additional burden can overwhelm the respitory system causing respitory distress or respitory failure.

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