Wednesday, May 4, 2016

EMT Refresher: Structure and function of the respitory system

The lovely lungs. For Emergency Medical Technicians it's the respitory system. What makes up the respitory system? What is the function of the respitory system. You will be surprised the respitory system is not just about breathing. Without breath there is no oxygenated blood and without oxygenated blood, there is no life.

The respitory system can be divided into three different sections.

Section 1 and 2
Upper and lower airways
The vocal chords being the medium between them both.
The upper and lower airways bring air into and out of the lungs.

Section 3
Consist of the lungs and accessory structures
Allow for the oxygenation of blood cells and elimination of carbon dioxide from the blood stream.

In the next EMT Refresher post, We will be discussion where to assess breathing sounds in a patient. It's important to listen carefully because certain breathing sounds will give an EMT clues to what the patient is dealing with.

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