Sunday, April 17, 2016

So you called EMS for a congestion

I have another story while in uniform for you. I'm just surprised that in one weekend EMT, Paramedics, Fort Worth Fire Department, and Fort Worth Police Department got involved in trivial things. It's the night of the storm. I'm already stressed because Tarrant County is under Tornado watch. I have five partners to work with and over 600 clients to keep safe and sound.

A homeless man comes up to the front door saying that his camp got flooded out on Hulen and could he come in. I informed him that we did not have any beds left in the mens dorm and that our policy is that you had to be a Police or Hospital drop off. It seems the guy had selective hearing and only wanted to hear Hospital drop off.

"Will you call the Police?"
"No we don't have an issue that the Police need to handle"
"Will you call the ambulance?"
"Do you have a medical emergency?"
"Yes, I'm having trouble breathing."
"Sigh, You can use the pay phone."

He had spent the past fifteen minutes arguing with me about letting him into the building. There was no way in hell that I was going to call 911 unless I personally saw signs of breathing distress.

Here comes the Fort Worth Fire Department Truck #2 with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Medstar unit follow closely behind "Code Red". I'm all happy because these are my guys and I love seeing them in action but I'm so sorry they had to get out of bed at midnight for something like this.

The man had a congestion....

Let's just say that I was such a bad girl. I tore into this guy. So bad that I had to apologize to the Paramedics for my raised voice. You just don't call my guys out of their beds and away from their lunches because you wanted them to persuade me to let you in the building. These Firefighters and Paramedics could have been at another scene saving a life.

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