Thursday, April 21, 2016

Purpose of a Prehospital Care Report

What is the purpose of a Prehospital Care Report? The purpose of a PCR is to record the care given to a patient. It is then used to check quality of care and perform the highest quality of patient care. These reports help ensure a continuity of care. The PCR becomes part of the patients' permanent hospital records and can be used as a legal document in court. 

Other uses for a Prehospital Care Report are to educate other Emergency Medical Technicians and be used for research. Many Ambulance companies will use it to evaluate their medics and their services. Many use the reports to make continuous improvement in the services that they provide.

The Department of Transportation has made an effort to standardize the information needed on a Prehospital Care Report. This is in hopes to provide better patient care and EMS efficiency. 

What is on the Prehospital Care Report?
  • Patient Information
  • Administration Information
  • Patient Demographics
  • Care that was given 
  • Vital Signs 
  • Health complaint is patients own words

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