Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I don't want your help EMT!

Here is the scenario. The Emergency Medical Technicians have arrived on scene. They have explained everything to the patient. The patient does not want to receive treatment. What does the EMT do now? This type of scenario for an EMT can bring on a headache. The EMT knows that the patient needs to receive medical treatment but they are still saying “NO!”

Try to persuade the patient to accept medical treatment or transport to the hospital. At times just by showing the patient their vitals, they will agree to go to the hospital.

Make sure that the patient is competent and rational

Document what was explained to the patient, explain the possible risks, record his response and have the patient sign a release form.

Encourage the patient to seek medical attention if more symptoms occur or they get worse.

If unsure, contact the medical directive.

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