Monday, April 18, 2016

How many directives are there for an EMT?

Compare the types of directives that an EMT, Paramedic, and Firefighter deals with.

An Advance directive are instructions written in advance. There are four types of directives. They are:

  • DNR Order
  • Living Will
  • Health care durable power of attorney
  • Physicians orders for life sustaining treatment (POLST)

A DNR Order is a directive to Do Not Resuscitate. A legal document or order that covers resuscitating issues only.

A living will covers DNR but also includes more general health care issues including to use life support or not.

A health care durable power of attorney is also known as a health care proxy. It is a legal document that empowers some to make decisions if the patient is unable to make the choice for themselves. These usually pertain to in-hospital or long term care facilities.

A (POLST) Physicians orders for life sustaining treatment pertains if the patient is not expected to live more than a year. This allows the patient to express the level of care in case their health worsens before resuscitation is needed.

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