Sunday, April 17, 2016

EMT methods of opening airways

Describe the two manual methods an EMT shoud use to open an airway, and explain the circumstances in which each should be used.

The two manual ways of opening an airway is the head tilt, chin lift maneuver or the Jaw thrust maneuver.  Either maneuver can be used if no spinal injury is suspected with an adult. With Children, the head tilt, chin life maneuver is preferred. 

I know this is a short answer but I promise to include pictures of what a chin lift maneuver and a Jaw thrust maneuver should look like. In the future I will describe step by step what should be done. I plan on including pictures for this EMT lesson.

It's important to know both ways of opening an airway out in the field. As an EMT you will never know what the scene is going to be like and what you will come against. 

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