Wednesday, April 20, 2016

EMT at a crime scene

Eventually as an EMT, you will be called to a scene that is a crime scene. So what do you do to keep yourself safe? What can you do to preserve the crime scene? My first crime scene was a mess. I had moved something that I wasn’t supposed to move. It was by accident because I was trying to get a response out of the patient but I was still at fault.

A crime scene requires a high index of suspicion. A potential crime scene is any scene that may require police report.

Be sure to take one way in or out. Touch only what you need to touch and inform Police. Move only what you need to move to protect the patient, inform Police of what you moved. Do not use crime scene telephone unless you have permission from Police. In absence of Police permission, move the patient only if patient is in danger. Observe and document everything. Do not cut through holes in clothing that may be caused by staffing or gun shots. Do not cut through a rope or tie not. Do not cover patient with sheet. 

If crime is rape, do not allow the patient to wash, change clothes, use the bathroom or take anything by mouth.

The reason why you do not want the patient to take anything by mouth is in case of injury to the mouth due to abuse, rape, or forced oral sex.

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