Thursday, April 21, 2016

Emergency Medical Technician we have SOAP, A CHART and someone CHEATED!

I hope as an EMT and Paramedic, you have soap. soap is an important thing. It must be used constantly....oh wait...were not talking about hygiene here. There are actually three ways to record call information while working. As you can tell from the title one is SOAP, CHART, and CHEATED. So what does each one include?

S (Subjective) The information that the patient tells you.
O (Objective) Examination through inspection, palpation, and auscultation
A (Assessment) Field assessment
P (Plan) Emergency Care provided to the patient

C (Chief Complaint) 
H (History of Patient) Medical history of patient
A (Assessment)
R (Rx) Treatment given to the patient
T (Transport)

C (Chief Complaint)
H(History of Patient)
E(Exam) Physical Exam of patient
A (Assessment)
T (Treatment of Patient)
E (Evaluation) Is patient improving or deteriorating with treatment
D (Transfer of medical care)

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