Friday, March 24, 2017

Your still a first respondent

ere are people other there that will try to get you to believe that you are not a First Responder if you are not employed by the Fire Department, Police Department, a city based ambulance company, a privately based ambulance company, a privately owned air rescue unit. 

In truth there are more Emergency Medical Technicians in other sectors of healthcare that there are in any of the top five sectors of emergency health care. If you have obtained your certification and are unable to find placement in the top sectors then do not fret. There are other places to shine as an Emergency Medical Technician.

I recently had a spike in my blood glucose level that had me admitted to intensive care. As I interacted with each staff member, I noticed that more and more were not Registered Nurses. Many were level one or level to Emergency Medical Technicians.

This can be a blessing to many new graduates who actually do not want to be out in the elements day after day. Many hospitals will hire Emergency Medical Technicians to work in intensive care and medical clinics.

Medical Clinics
With the training that EMT's go through, how could they not be an asset to a local Medical Clinic. I'm sure much of the experience will have to do with taking vitals and making initial reports

Homeless Shelters
I have nearly six years experience with being a First Responder at local Homeless Shelters. Sadly the pay is not the same as with working in the major known sectors of Emergency Medicine but the responsibilities are the same. In my six years of experience I have had to deal from everything from the common cold to complications due to overdose.

City Events
City events and concerts bring a large amount of people together. Most city events are handled by the local ambulance companies. The best thing to do is search around or contact the local event locations and ask them what company they use.

Bottom line. If you have been certified by your state as a First Responder or EMT. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Some people only think Fire and Police when it comes to public safety. This world is so much bigger.